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A day in the Life of an Arborist – Roles and Responsibility of a Surrey Tree Surgeon

Many keen gardeners and landscapers often find themselves restricted when it comes to working within their land due to trees and forestry. Often these will rely on professional arborists to help them out with pruning, cutting, trimming and general tree knowledge.

A day in the Life of an Arborist

A day in the Life of an Arborist

Many are enthusiastic about the different jobs that might be carried out by a tree surgeon, so to find out we followed a tree surgeon from Surrey in TW Tree Stumps Removal to see the kind of jobs they carried out.

So often tree surgeries are called out in large countryside areas, the area of Surrey and Guildford is an area just outside of London in the UK that has many farms, outdoor parks and large properties with forest lands, Due to the demand you will find hundreds of surgeons spanning an area such as Guildford in Surrey.

The day starts at 6am with the tree surgeon preparing his equipment and loading the van with everything he needs for his day out. The van includes stump grinding machines, harnesses, safety equipment along with a combination of chainsaws and cutting tools to trim, remove and prune trees.

Tree surgery in Woking

The first call out starts at 8am, a tree needs to be controlled in Woking. The surgeon arrives at the seen to find half the tree has deteriorated. The first step he takes is to spray the area with a substance used to make it easier to cut.

The excessive branches are slowly cut away with a chainsaw after a good half an hour period preparing his equipment and attaching a harness to ensure all safety measures are met. Now that the tree is safe, some final tests are carried out to make sure there are no parts that could fall off and that the growth of the tree will not cause a problem.

After a quick discussion with his customer, the surgeon takes payment and then is off to his next job.

Stumps removal and garden clearance

Next a land owner just outside of Farnborough has just leased a new pub and is converting his outdoor area into a beer garden. There are several tree stumps and dead plantation which needs removing. The tree surgeon after making the 40 minute trip gets straight to work on the stumps. Taking out his chainsaw he thins them down before getting his stump grinder from the back of his van.

A quick removal of the stump is in order, as the machine whirls round it slowly removes the stump splinter by splinter until there’s just a hole in the ground. The process is then repeated on 4 other remaining stumps, covering a 3 hour period. The garden waste along with the excess wood from the stumps is then grind down in his chopper. The ground where the stumps once were are filled in with new soil and grass seeds planted to hide the area.

After taking payment the surgeon then speaks to the customer and offers advice on how to tend to the area in the near future, exchanges details about a local landscaper that might help him further and then arranges a consultation 3 months down the line to see how the ground has changed.

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