A Guide To Fence Panels

Fence panels are relatively easy to install. They provide a good level of security against potential burglars and a privacy screening from any inquisitive neighbours. You can buy many different styles and sizes of fence panels from your garden fence suppliers.

With the ease of using the Internet, you can browse the catalogues of online manufacturers who can deliver your order in just a few days. Provided you are going to maintain your fence panels properly, they will last you many years.

A Guide To Fence Panels

A Guide To Fence Panels

What else will I need?

When you’re new to buying fence panels, you need to know what other fencing supplies are required at the same time. You will need fence posts installed at specific locations so that you can install the fence panels in between them around the border of your garden.

To extend the life of your fence panels, they can be placed on either a concrete or a timber gravel board which keeps your wooden fence panel off of the ground which means it is not sitting in water or getting damp which are the major causes of fence panels rotting and collapsing.

To make fence panel installation simple, your supplier will be able to provide you with panel clips and galvanised nails so that with the help of just one other person, you can install the fence panels quite easily.

What types of panels are available?

Once you have checked with your local planning authority about the height and style of any fence panels that you wish to install, you will probably find that you can add 3 foot high fence panels to your front garden and 6 foot high fence panels to your rear garden. Fortunately, your garden fence suppliers deliver most fences in 3 and 6 foot high sizes.

Some people prefer to choose a different variation of perhaps using a 4 foot or 5 foot fence panel in the rear garden and then adding a trellis to the top. This is usually with the intention of adding a nice variety to your garden design and being able to grow plants that will weave in and out of your trellis to help give your garden a wonderful overall effect.

Your fencing supplies company will provide you with either dip treated or pressure treated fence panels. The dip treatment is a water-based treatment which helps protect the wood against water damage and rot when it is in storage or on its way to you. Once you’ve installed the fence panel you will need to treat the wood with an oil based timber treatment to protect it from rotten weather damage and you’ll need to carry out this work each year to keep your fence panels in the best condition.

If you opt for pressure treated fence panels from your garden fence suppliers, the timber will have had preservatives forced deep into the grain of the wood. Any fence panels that have been pressure treated don’t require an annual treatment by you, but you will, in time have to add some treatment to protect your panels from the different weather conditions.

Some fence panels are close boarded and others are made with lap panels. They are all framed to give a good quality all-round strength.

Only after you have browsed through the online catalogues can you know what each of the different panels look like so that you will be able to choose those of the best suited for the design and decor plans you have for your garden. You will be able to choose the design of fence panels that you favour the most to give your garden a most wonderful and finished effect.

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