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Adding a Fountain to your Garden

Gardens have always been centered on the plants, both vegetable and flowers, that were planted in them. For years this has been the main focal point of gardening and there is nothing wrong with that.

But, over the years, this has started to change as gardeners have started to make additions to the typical garden by adding accessories to give their gardens a bit of a decorative feel to them. One of the things people have started to add to their gardens is water fountains.

Adding a Fountain to your Garden

Adding a Fountain to your Garden

There are quite a few different types of water fountains you can have in your garden and, while it’s really up to you on which kind you install, there are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for your fountain. The first thing you should be aware of is the amount of space you have for your fountain. While everyone loves to look at a large fountain, it might not fit too well in a small garden. You don’t want to drown out the focal points of your garden by placing an oversized fountain right in the middle of it.

If you choose to have a fountain that has a pump running in it, you should remember that there will need to be electricity running to the pump so the fountain works. If you put your fountain too far away from an outlet, you won’t be able to use it the way it is intended. You will want to remember that there will be an electric cord running around your garden as well. If you don’t want people to see the cord or, even worse, trip over it, you can always bury it underground so that it is safe and tucked away from view.

If you aren’t one for a large upright fountain, then you can go to a more relaxed feel by creating a cascading waterfall into a small pond. These types of fountains are starting to become even more popular than regular fountains as you can build it the way you want to suit your garden. This gives you the ability to use your imagination and create something that will compliment your garden the way you think you want.

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