Flower Delivery

All about Flower Delivery

When you want to send flowers to someone, it’s handy to use a flower delivery service. With this service, you can order the flowers online and they’ll be delivered wherever you want in the world, as long as there’s a physical location. Obviously, flowers cannot be delivered to a post office box. As long as you have a name and an address, flowers can be delivered there. Many of the flower delivery services you find online contract with local florists. If you want to know if an online florist has their own stores and growers, just ask.

When you order flowers online, the website may state that the flowers will be sent by an “affiliated florist.” That means your order is electronically transmitted to a florist local to where you need them to go. This florist will assemble your arrangement and deliver it. This happens even if you use wire services such as Teleflora or FTD. In this way, the flower arrangement will be fresh when delivered.

Something you should know is that ordering a flower delivery online may have the flower arrangement looking different than you expected. The pictures you see on a web site only show you the type of arrangement available. It’s not an exact picture of what the end result will be. The local florist tries to get the arrangement as close as possible to the picture. However, the more exotic the flowers the less chance you’ll have of it being just like the picture. For the best results, choose flowers that are more common.

There are some florists online that maintain distribution centers all over and will ship directly from them. For instance, florists will be shipping out fresh and nicely arranged flowers, which will look wonderful when delivered. However, this same arrangement shipped to Fulham from a distribution center may be damaged, especially if they’re delivered in vases.

Flowers may even be shipped in bulk before being arranged and shipped. Since there are fees involved when ordering online, you may end up paying $50 for a $35 arrangement. Also, you just never know where your flowers are coming from. You may think you’re using florists when it’s actually flowers is sending.
In spite of all of this, you shouldn’t be wary of ordering flowers online. Just be aware of how it all works.

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