Basics of Flower Gardens

To begin with, the basics of a flower garden are all in the preparation of the area you are going to be planting in. You must insure that you have plenty of access to water and nutrient rich soil. If you don’t have these two main ingredients then your flower garden won’t be able to flourish like you want it to.

You will also need to look at the flowers you want to grow, and determine if the area in question will provide the right amount of shade and sunlight for the different species.

You will first want to determine what kind of soil you have in the area you will be planting. If the soil is sandier, you will need to add plenty of compost and peat moss so that it will retain the water you add instead of letting it wash away. If you have a more clay based soil, you will want to mix some sand in with it so that the roots are able to grow freely without being compressed in the clayish soil.

Basics of Flower Gardens

Basics of Flower Gardens

You are going to want to make sure to follow the planting directions on any bulbs or flowers that you intend to grow. If you plant them too deep, they will not be able to get the sunlight needed to grow right. On the other hand, if they are too shallow they will wash away at the roots when you water them, leaving them weak and extremely fragile. If the roots wash out, you will notice that they are starting to bend over and grow sideways instead of growing up. This can also end up causing a variety of different root diseases that will ultimately destroy your flowers.

One thing to remember about your flower garden is to plant perennials and annuals all in the same area. Perennials grow year after year and get bigger with each season. Annuals like to grow and then reproduce, creating more every year after the first season. While perennials will continue to grow from the same root or stalk feature, annuals die off and new ones will replace the old.

You might consider using an application of liquid fertilizer throughout a season as well. This helps the flowers get the nutrients a bit easier as it is sprayed on the flowers themselves instead of only absorbed through the roots. You can find plenty of organic fertilizers in your gardening center if you are worried about the harsher chemicals.

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