Bonsai Trees For Beginners

Have you found yourself enchanted by the miniature versions of regular trees growing in a small try in someone’s home? Bonsai trees are a wonderful addition to any home or garden, and they are relatively easy to grow.

With enough patience and practice, even the amateur Bonsai gardener can grow beautiful and captivating trees. Any person who wants to try their hand at growing a Bonsai should first learn a little bit about what Bonsai trees are and how they can be made.

Bonsai Trees For Beginners

Bonsai Trees For Beginners

What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is the Chinese art of “tray gardening” where one of many types of trees or plants is grown and maintained in a small container. It originated in China, but it was later brought to Japan and became popular in Buddhist temples. Although long held as a precious practice in Japan and China, the Bonsai was not introduced to Western culture until sometime after World War II (Source: History Of Bonsai Tree | Bonsai Tree Gardener). After the early expositions were held, the art of Bonsai slowly became a trend among many gardeners in the United States. Today, Bonsai are grown by a wide range of hobbyists and gardeners.

The Bonsai tree acts as a source of meditation and reflection for the viewer, and it provides a relaxing pastime for the grower to practice his creativity. The Bonsai itself is not any particular kind of tree, but instead is the way of growing the tree. Therefore, there are a wide range of trees that can be grown as Bonsais. With a variety of pruning and shaping tools and practices, the grower can influence the tree to grow in a desired fashion. This will result in a creative and aesthetically pleasing tree that some would call a work of art.

How to begin a Bonsai tree

The first thing to do when planning a Bonsai tree is to decide which type of tree is desired. One should research the various types of trees in order to choose one that is easy to care for as well as visually desirable. There are various types of Bonsai trees for beginners, but a person’s first Bonsai tree should not be one that is already grown. After all, growing the Bonsai tree is a rewarding and fun process. The source material for a Bonsai plant can be found at most garden centers. A tray must also be purchased for planting the tree according to preference.

Because the Bonsai tree is grown in a way much different from a tree in the wild, it requires special care. Bonsai trees must be planted in specially fertilized soil, but the kind of soil depends on the tree being grown. The watering of the tree will also be dependent on the type of tree, as a desert Bonsai will be watered much less than a Pine tree. As the tree grows with special care, it can be pruned and trimmed according to the grower’s desire. In general, a Bonsai tree is preferable if it is asymmetrical. Of course, the resulting look of the tree is completely up to the grower. The Bonsai is a special way to express creativity.


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