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[7 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Growing A Vegetable Garden – DIY Tips | ]
Growing A Vegetable Garden – DIY Tips

There was a time not too long ago that everyone had a garden where they could get all of their fresh vegetables out of. Everyone knows that these home grown vegetables taste better than anything you can buy in a store these days, and it is sad to see that this home gardening aspect of life has started to diminish.
The main reason you don’t see it as much anymore is because of the constant growth and ease of buying things in stores or online, even.
If you have decided that you …

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[7 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Cooks Best Friend: The Garden | ]
Cooks Best Friend: The Garden

There is nothing better than being able to go out and pick your own fresh vegetables while you are cooking your meals. Of course, you aren’t going to want to have to walk all the way around the house and out into the back yard to get those vegetables, either.
The best way to get a great cook’s garden is to place the garden close enough to your kitchen that you can get your vegetables, but won’t have to worry about everything you are cooking burning.
The first thing you will need …

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[7 Jun 2015 | Comments Off on How To Put an End to Garden Pests | ]
How To Put an End to Garden Pests

Everyone that has a garden knows how good it feels to have your work come to fruition. They also know, firsthand, what it feels like to have their gardens taken out by a roughshod force of pesky insects and bugs.
Sometimes these bugs can take days, if not weeks, chewing away on your precious garden before they leave a single sign. Other times, it can take less than an hour or so before all the leaves on your plants either have holes in them, or are completely gone.
Insects love to make …

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[7 Apr 2015 | Comments Off on Maintenance Tips for an Easy Garden | ]
Maintenance Tips for an Easy Garden

Gardens can be a useful and beautiful addition to your home if you have the time to take care of them. Even the simplest garden can be something that perks up your attitude after a hard day at work, but some people forgo these simple pleasures due to the fact that they don’t think they have the time to make them work.
While it is a bit time consuming to get started, with picking the size of your garden and what plants you will have, there are ways to make having …

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[13 Jul 2014 | Comments Off on Dirt Devil ND40015 Pressure Flex Electric Pressure Washer Review | ]

You might not have even known about pressure washers. Think of a garden hose juiced up. Best pressure washers use a mixture of electric power and high velocity to shoot out a stream of water that can clean anything. The hot or cold water is shot out with a trigger switch, and it even comes with a stream of detergent that you can activate if the cleaning is not good enough.
Features – Benefits:

Robust Cleaning – 1.6 GMP and 2000 PSI means that your dirt will have nowhere to hide …

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[30 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on Feng Shui Tricks for a Healthier Garden | ]
Feng Shui Tricks for a Healthier Garden

Feng Shui is the perfect way of getting the energy to your garden to help it grow and produce high yields of all the vegetables you and your family need to be healthy. Not only will your garden benefit from the use of Feng Shui, but your family and property will thrive with the good natural balance that the energy brings to it.
While everyone has heard about using Feng Shui in their homes to help balance the energy flowing through, using it in the garden will create the same effect.
The …

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[7 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Loosening the Dirt from Your Garden | ]
Loosening the Dirt from Your Garden

The next step to preparing the land for your garden is to loosen the dirt. This is an important step because loosened dirt makes it easier for the roots of your plants to grow and to spread. This also helps them create a stronger hold within the dirt. The better the roots grow, the healthier and stronger your plants will be.
Use Your Handy-Dandy Shovel Again
You have a couple options available to you for loosening the dirt.
Your first option is to use your spade. To loosen the dirt with your spade, …

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[13 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Browse Bosch Garden Spares at Ransoms | ]
Browse Bosch Garden Spares at Ransoms

When the weather improves, as it certainly has done recently and this writer even has the sunburn to prove it, you might well rediscover certain things which you have happily put to the back f your mind over the last few colder, winter months.
Yes, as much as you might have wanted to ignore such an issue, that lawn really wont cut itself now will it? But wait, what’s this? Your Bosch garden appliances are playing up? Well, there you go, unfortunately you are going to have to miss out on …

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[20 May 2011 | Comments Off on Adding a Fountain to your Garden | ]
Adding a Fountain to your Garden

Gardens have always been centered on the plants, both vegetable and flowers, that were planted in them. For years this has been the main focal point of gardening and there is nothing wrong with that.
But, over the years, this has started to change as gardeners have started to make additions to the typical garden by adding accessories to give their gardens a bit of a decorative feel to them. One of the things people have started to add to their gardens is water fountains.
There are quite a few different types …

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[2 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Compost as Mulch – Choosing the Mulch that is Best for You | ]
Compost as Mulch – Choosing the Mulch that is Best for You

Even your compost can serve as a mulch for your garden. When used in this way, it is often referred to as native mulch. Since compost consists of items such as grass clippings, leaves, soft-wood bush prunings, plants, coffee grounds and other types of kitchen waste, it is also great for providing your garden with much needed nutrients.
In some cases, you need to use caution when using compost as a mulch. This really depends on what you have added to your compost pile. If you have added white wood, it …