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[16 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Use A Log Cabin For Temporary Changing Rooms | ]

In a situation that could affect any Sunday league football or cricket team, the field that you borrow from a local farmer has a major dilemma. The health and safety people have been in and demanded that your clubhouse, which is really only your changing rooms, be demolished immediately.
To put the necessary planning permission in place and go through the process of organising a business to build a new set of changing rooms will take a few months, at the very least. In the meanwhile, what are the teams going …

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[17 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Gardens and Garden Furniture Sets | ]
Gardens and Garden Furniture Sets

Gardens are a wonderful extension of your home and the personalities that reside therein. When you first start designing your garden, you need to keep all of this in mind.
Choosing the right garden furniture sets and decors are truly important, as this would dictate that overall appeal and look of your garden. It’s important for you to strike a perfect balance in setting up and decorating your garden. Be careful not to overdo it and make sure that you put the furniture sets that would complement that look of your …

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[24 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on Advantages of Teak Furniture | ]

When it comes to your home office furniture, you may not actually consider what it’s made of. Most people just want something that matches and is either useful, like desks and bookcases, or comfortable, like your office chair or sitting area.
But when it comes to things like garden furniture, you are going to want to decide on what material it’s made out of considering its uses. Most garden furniture these days is made from plastic or alloy metal of some kind that promises long life and easy maintenance. These promises …

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[3 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on Your Child Can be Saved by a Pool Safety Fence | ]

This is a guest post f brought to you by http://www.poolsafetyfences.com offering important tips about pool safety.
As a parent, your children are probably the most precious parts of your life. That’s why you want to be sure that they’re protected at all times. One of the most hazardous things that a family with children can own is a swimming pool. Each year, more and more children are dying due to accidental drowning incidents in their home swimming pools.
Even if you put up a pool fence it may only challenge children …

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[1 May 2012 | Comments Off on Patio Area Designs | ]
Patio Area Designs

With spring coming up, and then followed by summer, many people will spend lots of time on their patios so that they can enjoy the beautiful weather. There’s just nothing like being able to relax on a lovely patio while watching the sun come up in the mornings and set in the evenings. Of course, you’ll want to have this area nicely decorated in order to get the most enjoyment from it.
Your patio is most likely made from wooden planks, of paved with a type of stone. While these are …

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[20 May 2011 | Comments Off on Adding a Fountain to your Garden | ]
Adding a Fountain to your Garden

Gardens have always been centered on the plants, both vegetable and flowers, that were planted in them. For years this has been the main focal point of gardening and there is nothing wrong with that.
But, over the years, this has started to change as gardeners have started to make additions to the typical garden by adding accessories to give their gardens a bit of a decorative feel to them. One of the things people have started to add to their gardens is water fountains.
There are quite a few different types …