Choosing Between Plants and Seeds

With vegetable gardening, there are certain plants that are generally best to start from seed while others are better to be started as plants. Beans, corn, radishes, and most other common vegetable plants are ok to start from seed outdoors. Vegetable that are generally best to start as plants include tomatoes and green peppers.

You may choose to grow some of these seeds indoors until they are ready to be planted outdoors. You will learn more about growing plants from seeds indoors later in this guide.

Planting Seeds in Your Garden Bed

When sowing the seeds in your vegetable or flower garden, it is important to read the back of the packaging to determine how deep the seeds should be planted and how far apart your seeds should be spaced. Depth is important because this ensures the roots of your plants will be able to reach the proper depths to keep your plants healthy and strong.

Spacing is also important because your plants can choke each other out as they fight for space and nutrients if they are planted too closely together. At the same time, you want to utilize your space to its fullest. Therefore, you don’t want to plant your plants further apart than necessary.

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