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Deadheading And Staking Your Plants

Deadheading, which is pruning away the spent blossoms on your plants, is particularly important in a flower garden. In some cases, you can deadhead by simply plucking the spent blossoms off, but it is usually best to use a pair of pruning shears in order to prevent damaging the stem and to create a neat appearance.

Deadheading serves several purposes. With some flowers, removing the spent blossoms helps to encourage new blooms. This is because the spent flowers are preparing to seed, which takes a great deal of energy on the plant’s part. Therefore, it focuses all of its energy on the process. When you deadhead the flower, it removes the need to seed and the plant is free to flower once more.

Deadheading And Staking Your Plants

Deadheading And Staking Your Plants

If you want to prevent your plants from spreading, deadheading is essential. Since this removes the flowers before they have a chance to seed, you do not need to worry about the flower dropping seeds and spreading to areas of your garden where you do not want the flower to grow.

Of course, deadheading also helps keep your garden looking attractive and fresh. Spent blooms usually are not very attractive to look at and, in fact, give a garden a neglected appearance.

If you have a vegetable garden, the same concept applies for harvesting the veggies from your plants. If you harvest them while they are still young, the plant will be more likely to produce additional vegetables for you to enjoy.

Some plants grow very tall and, as such, require staking. Staking helps keep your garden looking tidy and cared for, as it keeps your plants upright. In addition, staking is beneficial to your tall plants. Tall plants that are not staked may become top heavy and begin to bend downward. This makes it difficult for the plant to receive the sun that it needs and it also places stress on the stem. The stress on the stem can ultimately cause it to snap and damage the plant.

Some plants with vines also benefit from staking. In a vegetable garden, it can sometimes be a good idea to stake cucumbers, for example, in order to prevent them from spreading throughout the garden and interfering with the growth of other plants.

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