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Dirt Devil ND40015 Pressure Flex Electric Pressure Washer Review

Dirt Devil ND40015

Dirt Devil ND40015

You might not have even known about pressure washers. Think of a garden hose juiced up. Best pressure washers use a mixture of electric power and high velocity to shoot out a stream of water that can clean anything. The hot or cold water is shot out with a trigger switch, and it even comes with a stream of detergent that you can activate if the cleaning is not good enough.

Features – Benefits:

  1. Robust Cleaning – 1.6 GMP and 2000 PSI means that your dirt will have nowhere to hide with this amount of pressure shooting at it
  2. 35-foot Cord – amazing cord reach will let you target anywhere outside
  3. 19-foot Hose – enables you to get a lot of flexibility to tackle those difficult-to-reach places
  4. Gun Holster – easy storage of the gun while you’re transporting it

Product – Shipping Details:

  1. 19-foot high pressure hose – long enough to stretch to get the job done anywhere you need it to
  2. 120-volt to 12-Amp motor – the universal motor is a very powerful one
  3. Specialized Cleaning Attachments – sprays, wands, spray nozzles, turbo lances, and rotary cleaning brushes
  4. 24.7 pounds

Final Analysis

There are so many pressure washers out there because the market is demanding them. These little pieces of machinery can help clean just about any part of the house with ease and little effort. They are so much more efficient than using a garden hose.

These pressure washers use so much power to shoot out their water stream that a house or car can get cleaned so fast compared to a garden hose. Plus, pressure washers use far less water than a garden hose. They use 80% less water so they’re more efficient, and they save you money. A pressure washer is a great gift for a husband or father.

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