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Feng Shui Tricks for a Healthier Garden

Feng Shui is the perfect way of getting the energy to your garden to help it grow and produce high yields of all the vegetables you and your family need to be healthy. Not only will your garden benefit from the use of Feng Shui, but your family and property will thrive with the good natural balance that the energy brings to it.

While everyone has heard about using Feng Shui in their homes to help balance the energy flowing through, using it in the garden will create the same effect.

Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui Garden

The main aspect of Feng Shui in your garden is to create a balance between yin and yang. This means you should have plenty of plants that love sunshine and plenty that need more shade. By creating these areas that accomplish both aspects of shade and sunlight, you are giving your garden the aspects of yin and yang.

If you have more sunlight than shade, you can plant taller bushes to help give the area more shade. If you have more shade than sunlight you can add lights to the area to give it more light energy. Your plants will respond by growing.

Another thing you should bear in mind is that your paths through your garden shouldn’t be in straight rows. This makes the energy flow through too quickly and the plants won’t be able to benefit from it. Instead, you should make your pathways meander through your planting areas in smooth curves like a small slow flowing river would. This helps your plants gather the energy as it flows down the pathways. If your garden is already planted and you have straight rows, you can plant flowers or other vegetables in the pathways so that the energy is forced to move around them.

You should also have a wide variety of plants in your garden. If you are only growing vegetables, then you should plant some flowers here and there to break up the monotony. This works both ways; if you have only flowers, plant some vegetables and fruit in the mix to spice things up. This helps the energy replenish itself, and lets the plants choose parts of the energy it needs to grow.

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