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How To Put an End to Garden Pests

Everyone that has a garden knows how good it feels to have your work come to fruition. They also know, firsthand, what it feels like to have their gardens taken out by a roughshod force of pesky insects and bugs.

Sometimes these bugs can take days, if not weeks, chewing away on your precious garden before they leave a single sign. Other times, it can take less than an hour or so before all the leaves on your plants either have holes in them, or are completely gone.

How To Put an End to Garden Pests

How To Put an End to Garden Pests

Insects love to make their homes in the soil and under dead leaves that have fallen to the ground. One way of getting rid of these pesky intruders is to regularly weed your garden and turn the soil as often as possible.

By doing these things, you are making the environment inhospitable for these insects and they will have to find a home somewhere else, not in a prime restaurant area like your garden.

This is not the only way to keep insects at bay, though. There are plenty of sprays that you can use that are safe for your plants.

Insect sprays are a good way of getting rid of insects, and keeping them away. With dormant sprays, you need to follow the instructions word for word. If you don’t follow these instructions, then one little insect could lay waste to all your work.

You should also realize that there are beneficial insects for your garden and you want to keep those around. As such, you will need to make sure that the spray you are using doesn’t harm the good insects; only the bad ones. You must also think about the fact that insects will naturally attract birds into your garden and they can do a lot of damage as well.

If you have started to notice loose mounds of dirt running around and through your garden, then you have a larger problem than a few insects. These mounds are a sign that gophers have invaded. You can use traps to capture the gophers, but they need to be placed close enough to the tunnels they make.

You can also use gopher bait, which looks like plastic fishing worms but have chemicals in them that will make quick work of the buggers. You might also try smoke bombs. Place these bombs inside the tunnels and the smoke will flow through them, forcing the gophers out.

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