Spread Christmas Cheer with Poinsettia Rubber Stamps

With the approach of the holidays just ahead, you may want to try one of the most popular activities in sending off your holiday cards or creating layouts for Christmas scrapbook pages. That activity is one of getting a Poinsettia rubber stamp to add to the envelopes of your holiday cards or even creating your own holiday wrapping papers.

Poinsettia rubber stamps come in various sizes. How much they cost depends on their size. Usually, the larger the stamp the more it will cost. They can be used for many holiday crafts such as decoupage. Just stamp the picture of the Poinsettia several times and then decorate around the images. Next, cut out any extra leaves and use 3D foam pads to apply them.

Rubber stamps of Poinsettias are typically rather large, so it’s usually a good idea to use the image from the stamp on the front of your card. This will need only a few decorations around the Poinsettia to complete your card. They make stunning cards that you can be proud to say you created on your own.

You can use your rubber stamps for decorations and add such things as ribbon and glitter to create your own unique designs. Add in rubber stamps of orchids and roses to develop the overall effect into something that not everyone will have in their homes as holiday decorations. Rubber stamp decorating is cost effective as well as beautiful, and brings out your creative and imaginative side.

When you buy any type of rubber stamps, you need to check for good quality as well as any defects. Make sure that the image is mounted correctly on the wooden block and is lined up with the image displayed on top of the wood. Sometimes these images don’t match and you end up with something different than you wanted. Always clean them after each use and store them safely.

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