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Tips For Watering Your Plants

In general, your plants will need about one inch of water per week. If you get regular rain, you may not need to water your plants by hand. If you don’t think you can judge the amount of rainfall you receive each week, purchase a rain gauge.

A rain gauge is a simple instrument that you can place in your garden. It generally has some sort of stake or post that is meant to be anchored into the ground. A clear tube with measured numbers is located at the top. This tube collects the rain as it falls and allows you to easily determine how much rainfall you have received.

Tips For Watering Your Plants

Tips For Watering Your Plants

It is important to check the rain gauge after each rainfall, however, as it will lose water through evaporation and provide you with an inaccurate read if you only read it once per week.

If you do not naturally receive enough rainwater for your plants, you will need to water them with a hose or with a watering can. Keep in mind that it is best for plants to receive smaller amounts of water throughout the week rather than a large amount of water all at once, as this helps build stronger roots.

Of course, if you can only get outside to water your plants once per week, that is better than none. Plants that are not adequately watered will become drought stressed and it is difficult, if not impossible, for a plant to recover from drought stress during the same growing season.

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