Organic Gardening

Tips for your Organic Dream Garden

When someone tells you they have an organic garden, you might think they know everything about growing organic vegetable. However, you might be surprised at the way people throw this term around without even knowing the basic principles behind it. If someone tells you they are organic gardeners, ask them what kind of fertilizer or pesticides they use. If they tell you some kind of off the shelf chemical variety, they are not growing anything organically.

The truth of the matter is, chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides will make your garden grow nicely, giving you a bountiful harvest ever year and takes a lot less work. Unfortunately, you are giving up the most important part of having your own garden; the health aspect.

Tips for your Organic Dream Garden

Tips for your Organic Dream Garden

By using these chemicals and synthetic agents on your vegetables, you are causing them to grow unnaturally and making them absorb these harsh chemicals. Yes, it might be a lot easier to maintain a garden by spraying some chemicals on it, but you are eating everything you give to those vegetables as well.

When you decide you are going to grow an organic garden, the first thing you should do is plan out what kinds of vegetables you are going to grow. Once you have your plants worked out, then you need to figure out where you are going to put them. The best way to do this is to look at the patch of ground you like the most and watch it for a couple of days. Take note of where the sun shines on it and how long it gets sunlight. This is the most important aspect of gardening that is missed by beginners.

Plant your vegetables according to the directions that come with them. This is important because some plants require more sun and water than other plants. You also need to have healthy soil as this is the key to making an organic garden work for you. You have to make sure you use all natural fertilizer and compost as well. If you don’t, you are not growing anything organic.

You can have a wonderful organic garden in no time if you are willing to put the extra bit of work into it. You don’t want to rush in and find out later that nothing you were doing would be considered organic. Take the time and do things right. It will get easier every year after that.

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