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Use A Log Cabin For Temporary Changing Rooms

In a situation that could affect any Sunday league football or cricket team, the field that you borrow from a local farmer has a major dilemma. The health and safety people have been in and demanded that your clubhouse, which is really only your changing rooms, be demolished immediately.

To put the necessary planning permission in place and go through the process of organising a business to build a new set of changing rooms will take a few months, at the very least. In the meanwhile, what are the teams going to do without temporary changing rooms?

 Use A Log Cabin For Temporary Changing Rooms

Use A Log Cabin For Temporary Changing Rooms

Considering the various temporary changing rooms choices

You could consider one of those large containers that people use when they move their house contents across to another country, via ship, or you could think closer to home and think about surfing the Internet to find log cabin kits because they would work very well as a temporary measure to provide changing rooms for your boys and girls teams, with separate requirements, of course and once you are ready to build your new super stadium, the log cabin kits can be sold, perhaps to a member of the football or cricket team or maybe they can be maintained as permanent structures to house grass cutting and marking equipment.

Another option, which won’t wear well, particularly with the away teams, is for them to get changed before they leave their village or town, and you offer to pay for their transport to get to your game. Of course, the home team can get changed in their homes and travel to the ground, but this isn’t feasible if individuals don’t take their kit home for cleaning each week because with some teams the entire kit is handed the one person to clean on a weekly basis, which means that individuals will be at home without their football kit.

Portakabins might work well as temporary changing rooms, but they will be much more expensive – because they are aimed at the corporate market – than purchasing log cabin changing rooms.

How will a log cabin kit help you?

It doesn’t take long to install a temporary base which acts as a foundation for your log cabin. Obviously, it will need to be strong enough to hold an entire team and their kit bags, and sufficient chairs to sit on, but it can be installed quite quickly, which is most important if your next game may be just a week after your old changing rooms have been demolished.

With the help of a few members of your sports team, you should be able to install two suitably sized log cabins in less than a day, providing you with temporary changing room facilities for the next match.

You won’t be able to install showers. air conditioners units or toilet facilities within the log cabins in a short space of time, but you can hire individual toilets quite easily and by the day, so you only need to hire them for match days. As for taking a shower after the game, if the coaches have plenty of buckets of water available, at least the thick mud can be removed until people can get home and take a proper shower.

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