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Weeding Your Plants

Weeding is also an important aspect of maintaining your garden. Weeds fight your plants for water and for nutrients. In addition, their roots or vines can wrap around your other plants and cause them damage. Similarly, they can block sun away from your plants and prevent them from receiving adequate sun.

Weeds will be a continual nuisance, no matter how well you weeded the garden bed and mulched the area. Seeds of weeds are spread in many ways – from birds, to the wind, to even the bottom of your shoes. In addition, weeds tend to be very hardy and do not need ideal growing conditions to flourish. Therefore, you should always be prepared to do a bit of weeding in your garden.

Weeding Your Plants

Weeding Your Plants

For the most part, weeds can be easily removed by simply pulling them out. This is particularly true if you have done a good job of laying down mulch, as the weeds should mostly be rooted in the mulch and not in the soil.

To remove weeds, you will need to grab the plant by the stem in a location as near to the ground as possible. If the weed is resistant, however, you will need to remove it by digging it out with a spade or a small hand shovel. The right tool for the job depends on how large the plant is and how deep its root system has developed. It is important to remove all of the roots of the weed, as some weeds can grow back even if only a small part of the root is left behind.

Be sure to wear garden gloves while weeding. Digging around in the dirt will, obviously, get your hands dirty – including underneath your fingernails. This dirt can sometimes be quite difficult to remove. In addition, soil tends to suck the moisture from your hands and leaves them feeling dry and rough. Of course, gloves also help protect your hands from getting hurt by thorns or other prickly plants. You should be able to find a good pair of gardening gloves at your local home improvement store, garden center, or nursery.

There are products available on the market that can be sprayed on your garden to help prevent weed growth. Personally, I prefer not to use these products as it robs the garden soil from nutrients and may potentially damage plants I do care about. If you choose to use one of these products, do so with the understanding that it may harm more of your garden than you really want it to.

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