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Which Is Better: Leaf Sweeper or Leaf Blower

A leaf sweeper is also called as lawn sweepers and leaf blowers are also sometimes called as lawn vacuums. There are 3 varieties available and they are the towed, hand powered and the gas or electricity powered ones. The leaf blower though only comes as an electricity or gas powered.

Both are used to collect the unwanted leaves on our lawn but both are doing it differently. Sweepers have a rotating brush that sweeps off the debris and leaves from the lawn and put them in a collection bag. The blower, on the other hand, blows leaves and other debris and collects them in a pile.

Which Is Better: Leaf Sweeper or Leaf Blower

Which Is Better: Leaf Sweeper or Leaf Blower

You’d probably think leaf sweeper is better as it automatically collects the leaves and debris instead of piling them and you need to pick up the leaves at the end of the job. Though this may be correct but it still depends on your lawn size and style. For those lawns that have shapes that are a bit awkward, using the sweeper may be very difficult and the blower is easier to use.

Usually, leaf blowers have one function which is to blow those leaves while the lawn sweepers can also be used for patios or driveways and others where debris may be present. Some sweepers also shreds so you can use this for mulching your garden or if you want to make leaf moulds. But this feature also makes it a disadvantage as you can only use this on grass surfaces as it can be damaged quickly if you use it on driveways to pick up grit.

To figure out what’s best for your lawn, check out the shape of it and the number of trees you have so when fall comes you’d know how much leaves and how frequent you need to clean. The leaf blower also comes as a backpack blower which is more convenient as you can carry it at your back while you’re blowing and it’s great for large lawns.

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